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 Vascular Medcure was founded in 2015 focus on the design and development of endovascular devices for optimal extraction of thrombus from the vascular system. The Company has created a Team of experienced Executives, Engineers, Technicians and Clinical Staffs to design and manufacture our products. Our Company is located in Orange County, California.

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Orange County

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Peripheral Vasculature Thrombosis, PE1 & Thrombosed AV Graft1

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PE & AV Graft Device not available for sale

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1500 South Sunkist Street, Suite H, Anaheim, CA 92806

The CAPERE® Thrombectomy System is protected by US Patents No. 9,579116, 9,636,206, 9,744,024, 9,844,386, 9,999,493, 10,070879, 10,143,482, 10,238,482, 10,376,275 and other pending patent applications. CAPERE® is a registered trademark of Vascular Medcure, Inc.

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